i ro ha ni ho he

Who else finds it annoying to remember this archaic version of the Japanese alphabet in poem form when you get much past the third letter? Here is a conversion chart for the first 12 that you can bookmark. For fun, I am also including the translation from Wikipedia and links to other translations.

i       i
ro     ii
ha    iii
ni     iv
ho    v
he    vi
to    vii
chi   viii
ri     ix
nu    x
ru    xi
wo   xii

Even the blossoming flowers
Will eventually scatter
Who in our world
Is unchanging?
The deep mountains of vanity–
We cross them today
And we shall not see superficial dreams
Nor be deluded.



One thought on “i ro ha ni ho he

  1. I am a Japanese patent translator. I also think that claims written in Japanese are very complicated. And I am sometimes confused.

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